Dylan Kerr – Addiction Therapy Online

Dylan Kerr is an online Addictions Therapist that has worked around the world.

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He is now providing online addiction therapy to those across the face of the globe.

As well as working for people in rehabs he has studied addiction and counselling at some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, such as Leeds University (as part of Leeds Addiction Unit), Glasgow Caledonian University, Birmingham City University and also Continued Medical Education at Harvard Medical School

Dylan has counseled people from around the globe namely, Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, United States of America, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and all-over Europe.

Dylan has worked with a number of high profile people such as fashion icons, television presenters, legal representatives, CEO’s of major corporations and most famously a British Rock band that made the headlines across the media in the groundbreaking way Dylan extended his support on the road

In The Media


Dylan has been featured in the BBC, Vice magazine and many other media publications for his work on addiction.

As well as providing specific support and counselling around addiction, Dylan has been supporting people through mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

This website has been designed to share with the world issues that concern the practice of therapy and provide people hopefully with some answers regarding where to seek help and how to access treatment.

Dylan is an advocate of normalizing substance use disorders and mental health issues. He believes firmly that there is a great deal of harm done through marginalization of substance use disorders and mental health.

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