Various Press Appearances

These are just a few links to times I was mentioned in the world press:


The frontman’s counsellor, Dylan Kerr, will accompany Doherty and co on tour to “Mexico and beyond” in November, according to The Sunday Telegraph. A press representative for The Libertines has additionally confirmed the news to NME.


The band’s site also quoted Libertines counsellor, Dylan Kerr, who said “anxiety is notoriously subtle and greatly prejudiced against and sometimes there are no obvious outward signs at all.


Libertines frontman and self-confessed addict Pete Doherty is to take his drugs counsellor on tour.

Kate Moss’s ex-­boyfriend completed a stint in rehab in Thailand to prepare for gigs in the autumn and the release next month of the band’s new album, Anthems for Doomed Youth.

Now Dylan Kerr will ­accompany the band on the road to Mexico and beyond in November.


It is also a supportive environment. His drug counsellor, an Englishman called Dylan Kerr, 32, is present this evening, as he has been for much of the band’s five-week stay at the residential studio. Earlier I asked him whether Doherty was, health-wise, in a good place. “Um, it’s difficult for me to say at the moment, really” Kerr replied, his hesitance due, I sensed, only in part to patient confidentiality. “He’s obviously very happy with the way things are going. Performance-wise it has been pretty amazing, in some ways. He has achieved a hell of a lot.”


When he checked out of Hope last December, Doherty’s managers recruited Dylan Kerr – head counsellor at Hope – to accompany the singer on tour. Kerr will be with Doherty and his bandmates when they play in Hong Kong on Saturday.

Speaking after Doherty’s treatment at Hope, Kerr said in a statement to British news outlet MailOnline: “We saw Pete grow over the course of his treatment at Hope, which was reflected in his new-found interest in nature, spirituality and positive creativity.

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