Addiction – Not a disease?


The word addiction can mean many things for many people.

  • Are people unable to choose wisely because they lack impulse control?
  • Are they always driven to extremes through a brain disease that effects ability to choose?
  • Has it been an over-exposure or indulgence in substances that has changed the brain to become drink and drug seeking?
  • Is the disease model just a helpful metaphor that reminds people they should seek recovery and choose a better more helpful life style?

These are some of the questions that are often asked about the nature of addiction. Some consider the jury to still be out on these questions, others consider the jury to be well and truly in on this matter and often have a very polarized views on the issue.

Today I present to you a SMART recovery radio talk show where a counselor states thinking of addiction as a disease hasn’t worked for many people and it’s time to consider other approaches to addiction than just the 12 step method.

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