Barking up the wrong tree for treatment?

Are calls to make heroin treatment available on the NHS barking up the wrong tree for the solution?

In principle I think it’s a great idea, however the reality of the NHS is getting worse by the day.  The NHS fails thousand of drug addicts and mentally ill people each week. So much so that I believe they are negligent not to caution people with a warning that they may not get any help at all from services on offer.

Over 6,000 people in 2014 committed suicide, a figure that would send outrage through the nation if it were affiliated with anything other than mental health.  Drug addiction and mental health is marginalized in the  UK, the former is out-right treated in a punitive way.

I have nothing but the deepest of sympathy for those who die from drug addiction but does the NHS have the capacity to operate in this way?

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