Lifeline Project UK Closes Forever.

The project lifeline, which has helped thousands of lives over the years since 1971, has had to close it’s doors and the future is uncertain for over 1,300 staff members.

Like all drug and alcohol agencies in the UK, financial pressures by government changes have made the existence of such charities a very difficult task with only “happy-shopper*”-like services being made available to vulnerable adults with drug and alcohol issues.

*Note Happy Shopper was a brand in the UK known for it’s afford-ability but terrible quality.


Budgets cut by almost 50%

This is another unfortunate sign of the times in the UK. Spending for drug alcohol services from the public purse have dropped by nearly 50% over the last seven years.

It’s sad to see such an established brand that has helped so many people out of terrible addiction issues go down in such an unfortunate manner.

Bad budgeting

However, the finger may not be squarely pointed at the government this time. The charity has admitted that they have mis-managed their budgets.

“1,300 workers providing services for 80,000 people”

I’m not sure what the fate of those 1,300+ workers will be or what the fate of those who relied on the services will be, but one thing is almost certain, it’s not going to get better for a long time in the UK.

The charity “Change Grow and Live” has stepped in to help them pick up the pieces.

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