Completely Unexpected Benefits of Being Sober


Better skin, more energy, good night’s sleep, money-saving – these are all popular benefits of being sober. As wonderful as they all are, there’s actually several more advantages to sobriety that are often overlooked…and they’re some of the best ones!

Lucy Rocca, the founder of the incredible alcohol addiction and abuse support network Soberistas, joins me in this article to discuss her experiences of the amazing advantages of choosing a sober lifestyle.

You’ll discover new personality traits

Drinking alcohol can blind, and even repress, our true personality traits. One of the most incredible things about being sober is you’ll really discover who you are and where your true potential lies.

For Lucy, it was discovering she is more of an introvert than she initially imagined. “I’m a bit shier than I ever thought I was – particularly in big groups. It took me a few years to recalibrate I think, after quitting drinking…

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