The Year 2016 and a New Dawn for 2017

The year for me began last October. I had just finished coming off a world tour with the Libertines. It was a welcome break from working in Thailand but I was very eager to get back and begin working on new project.  That project was to be “Lanna Rehab” in Chiang Mai.

I had been talking to a few people about opening up another treatment center in Thailand but not all those talks were so concrete, a lot was speculation, theory and very little actual practice.

One project that caught my attention was Lanna Rehab, the design and thinking behind it would bring about a treatment center that really focuses on combining the best of knowledge and ability.

Sadly it didn’t entirely live up to expectations and I now work at The Dawn Rehab in Chiang Mai.

2016 also saw the birth of my daughter,  Little Dee-Dee. I am very happy and proud of her.

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