Designer Drugs – A presentation.

Here I present to you for your interests a designer drugs presentation that I completed in 2011 and revised again in 2016.

This presentation was originally a part of a training program that I ran to explain the recent increase in “designer drugs”, the term designer drugs isn’t too popular now but in short it means drugs that are designed purposely to make you feel high or give you a mental experience.  They usually have limited or no physical health benefits and cannot be used for many other reasons other than recreational, pleasurable or sometimes addictive purposes.

From the year 2009 onwards, there was a sudden flood in the UK of various new types of drugs, all with dubious legal statues or sometimes completely legal. This lead to an increase in concerns about what people were doing to themselves and serious concerns about what the law will do to protect people.

The term “designer drugs” isn’t too popular now, instead the terms “legal highs” has been adopted, which is not really the best term as most, if not all, these drugs have been banned around the globe, firmly cementing their future amongst the catalogue of illegal drugs out there.

I’ll let the slide do the talking:


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