Core-Beliefs in Addiction

Core Beliefs

Below is a list of common negative core beliefs, tick the ones you can identify with.


Addict’s beliefs

  • I can’t live without it — Getting high is my most important need
  • I am weak — I must avoid pain at all costs
  • I need it — It helps me — There’s something wrong with me
  • I don’t have any choice — I can’t say no
  • I will never get better – Addiction is a chronic disease



  • I can’t trust anyone – People are untrustworthy
  • I have to be alert for danger at all times — The world is an unsafe place
  • I am afraid — I should not be afraid
  • Bad things I have done are unforgivable — People don’t trust me
  • No one will protect me — Others will always let me down



  • I am Helpless – My unhappiness is caused by things outside my control
  • I need to be in control — My life is out of control
  • I am a victim – no one cares about me — life isn’t fair
  • I can’t change – I am trapped
  • I can’t cope — Life is full of stress and overload


Low self esteem

  • I am disrespected
  • I have nothing to offer – others won’t like me
  • I am inadequate, ineffective, and incompetent



  • I am unwanted
  • I don’t fit in
  • I am all alone – No one cares about me


Not good enough

  • I am unlovable, and worthless – I don’t like myself
  • I am stupid – I must never get anything wrong
  • I am guilty, it’s always my fault —
  • I’m unimportant………. if I don’t get my way
  • I’m weak or a loser………. If I don’t defend myself



  • I am a fraud — If you really knew me you wouldn’t like me
  • I am confused – I don’t know who I really am
  • I am lost – There is something wrong with me/the world
  • I am a loser
  • I am unattractive – I don’t like how I look
  • Past events have ruined my chance to be happy


People pleasing

  • I must please people in order for them to like me
  • Arguing is wrong — People should always get along
  • I’ll never live up to my parents expectations – I must have their approval


Thoughts of entitlement

  • Things must be the way I want them – Life should be fair
  • I should always get what I want — The world owes me a living
  • I should be able to release all my anger


Generalizations and distortions

  • My needs are not going to be met if I have to depend on others
  • People are evil, greedy, out to get me
  • I won’t succeed so why bother trying



  • I must be perfect – If things don’t go perfectly it’s a disaster
  • I have to have all the answers – Things are either right or wrong
  • I’m better than others — My way is the best
  • Every problem should have an ideal solution

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