Is Online Counselling Effective?

Online counseling could save your life

Online counselling is becoming a new thing, from chat messages, emails and even face-to-face over skype there are multiple options when it comes to online-counselling.

But just how effective is online counselling?

Those that use online-counselling report that it does have a great effect on their life, especially around issues that result in unwanted behavior, such as, over-eating, not-exercising, sex addiction, smoking or substance abuse.  Having that accountability to someone who is understanding and supportive is very vital in over-coming huge issues in life.

Disorders involving altered behaviors make people encounter a unique set of stressors.

Unique set of stressors?

Unique set of stressors simply means various stressful events in life that are unique to a particular problem. For instance, drug addiction or abuse, you are quite marginalized in society, firstly a large number of drugs abused are illegal, which means those who’ve used may have had legal issues. They may have been mistreated by professionals in the medical field, distrusted by their own family members and vilified by a general public consensus.

If a person providing support can’t empathize or show an understanding, it makes it very difficult for the counselling relationship to be effective.  It doesn’t mean the person must have had the same problems but they must know the effect of having like addiction has on a person.

Why is online counselling good?

Online counselling allows people to access support when they need it, some people do not have the time to visit a counsellor in their office over the other-side of town after work.  Managing time can be very difficult in this modern world. The only thing a person needs for online counselling is a smart-phone or laptop then they could theoretically receive counselling anywhere in the world.

Good for people on the go

Online counselling is the number 1 choice for people who are on the go. There are many jobs these days which require you to travel the globe and seeing someone at a fixed position in an office somewhere is just not possible.

No counselling services in offered in country

Many people living in ex-pat communities may find themselves limited by the availability of counselling in their area.  Sometimes English-speaking counselling is just not there at all. Online counselling for those individuals is the perfect choice. It’s important that a counsellor matches up with a person’s cultural background as there may be blind-spots to understanding their issues.

Distress management

Multiple mental health issues and behavior problems are characterized by moments of distress and crisis. Sometimes a person enduring an issue such as chronic depression or addiction feels a need to reach out and talk to someone just to get a balance on their emotions and lessen the impact of crushing negative thinking.

Ease of access

As stated before the ease of access of one of the most attractive things about online therapy.  Anyone with a telephone, smart-phone or computer can access a counsellor from anywhere in the world.

Multiple ways of communication

Online counselling offers people multiple ways of communicating. Some people find it very hard to say how they think or feel or how to manage issues they may be embarrassed about, therefore using different methods of checking in a receiving support such as email and instant messaging may be very useful for those who are seeking help.

Instant communication

Some providers of online therapy will provide you with instant communication regarding counselling. This may be through an email or instant messaging service. Some providers, like myself, also offer the ability to check in throughout the course of the day via messaging systems that will be talked about upon assessment.

Issues with online-counselling

  • Some people find without the face to face relationship they lack a connection
  • It’s easier to lie to a counsellor (as counter-productive as this seems, sometimes this happens)
  • It may be easier to avoid appointments when feeling uncomfortable
  • If there is a real crisis involving harm to self or others than it is hard for a counsellor to act upon
  • Counsellors might not know where to refer you if you require specialist interventions


If you’d like to know more about what kind of online counselling services you think you could benefit from please contact me on:

Skype: Dylanrehab


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