Rehabs in Thailand?

I’ve worked for a few of the Thailand Rehabs and had some relationships with some of the others.

I was the Head Counsellor at Hope Rehab in 2014 – 2015:

Hope is a very straight forward enthusiastic program aimed towards giving people a life long change in their attitude and behaviours regarding drugs.  Hope rehab has a long standing reputation having been established for five years.

I was a senior Therapist at Lanna Rehab and greatly contributed to the structure of their program and workbooks.   Lanna Rehab is a drug and alcohol rehab located in Chiang Mai.

I have also been an “Addictions Specialist” / Clinical Counsellor for the Dawn Rehab in Chiang Mai. The Dawn covers a vast range of needs, from co-dependency, addiction and mental health issues.

I have also had some experience in dealing with  Hope House in Thailand, which is a 2nd stage soberhouse.   2nd Stage is where people get themselves well and apply what they know in Thailand.

I have also in the past made a refferal to DARA rehab in Koh Chang which recently just merged with Lanna Rehab.  DARA stands for drug and alcohol rehab asia, it primarily deals with drug and alcohol issues on the tropical island of Koh Chang located in the south of Thailand.

A new rehab that has recently opened over the last year is Horizon Rehab located in Hua Hin.




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