Booze and Aging Badly

Daily Mail Alcohol Article

Celebrities celebrate the effects of turning back the clock on their mush (colloquial slang for face) by ditching booze in favour of a tee-total life style.

For those who like to drink there has to be an understanding that alcohol is linked with aging of the skin.  Roughly about 10% of alcohol leaves through the skin of our bodies in a vapor.

Not only does this cause some damage but it can also effect oxygen levels in the skin which may lead to premature wrinkling.

It’s not just limiting alcohol that seems to be the new craze, but abstaining from alcohol for multiple months or years is on the cards.


Alcohol is notoriously habit forming, even for those who don’t have an alcohol problem per say. Those who drink alcohol rarely go more than seven days without an alcoholic beverage, those who binge drink are even more at risk of developing health problems or getting into trouble.

Alcohol is also linked to weight gain, most diets require that you absolutely limit alcohol intake and others report that if you drink you’re going to lose any fat-burning properties of the diet which is going to set you bad for days and add to an over-all unhealthy look.

Counselling is the answer

So if you’ve got some stubborn features to your skin tone or unwanted wrinkles, think about calling a counsellor before a plastic surgeon to help you beat that unwanted drinker’s look.

Daily Mail Link on celebrities that have given up the booze

Try my relapse prevention book to help stay on track with making changes in your life:


Dylan Kerr, Addictions Counsellor, has been featured in the Daily Mail before whilst working at Hope Rehab in Thailand. A rehab facility that promotes abstinence from all substances that are intoxicating.

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