Detoxing from Cannabis

What happens when you detox from Cannabis?

Although considered by many as a harmless, non-addictive drug there is some evidence for the contrary. When compare to heroin, cocaine or alcohol, cannabis definitely does not seem harmful, however, from the perspective of someone trying to kick the habit, there are definite and obvious withdrawal symptoms that point towards it being addictive.

Once a person stops smoking marijuana, there are some very common and unpleasant symptoms that start immediately. While cannabis makes a person feel relaxed and unstressed the opposite happens, people often experience acute anxiety.

Most marijuana users identify with the ‘munchies’ of feeling hungry even if they have just eaten. When a person stops using they often experience the opposite reaction and have a complete lack of appetite.

Marijuana is also known to have a major damping effect on the users ability to enter the dream state when they are asleep. Heavy users may go for many yeas a without experiencing dreaming. One of the most unpleasant withdrawal symptoms is the return of their dream. For the first few days these dreams may return in the form of vivid nightmares and cold sweat.

A fair percentage of people report flu like symptoms (sweats, chills, nausea) and gastric disturbances (diarrhea). Most of the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal start almost immediately, but thankfully only last a few days.

A lot of evidence is currently accumulating around cannabis and the long term effects that cannabis may distort the sleep architecture of a person who smokes regularly.

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