What’s Happening in Thailand Rehabs due to COVID-19

*** This was written on April 3rd 2020***

As it currently stands Rehabs in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand are being asked to close due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 across the face of the world.

Services provided by those rehabs are to wind down over the month of April bringing them to a close until further notice.

As it currently stand this means that no new intakes are permitted til at least April 30th.

Travel across Thailand has been severely impeded presently and those who are seeking to engage with a treatment should do so on an online basis only until further notice.

If you’re in Thailand you should consult your embassy online for further details as what to do presently.

If you’re interested in referring or attending a rehab in Thailand in the near future contact their website for further details.

I am personally still working seeing clients at the facility until April 18th and will be seeing some clients online.

If you’d like further support during this crisis please see: https://onlinetherapistlondon.com/

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