Thailand Boarders Still Closed Until Further Notice

The rumour and hearsay is that Thailand will be closed for visitors until at least the new year.

The economically devastating virus COVID-19 that has moderate to severe flu-like symptoms has caused a massive upheaval and confusion in governments and health professionals across the world.

Whilst the situation is actually much more positive here on land, no new cases for months now within the country, the same cannot be said the likes of Australia, New Zealand and other neighboring countries like Vietnam where they have  experienced outbreaks.

Quarantines For Rehabs Not Likely

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It looks very unlikely that the Thai Rehabs which can operate – or haven’t gone bankrupt- will not be getting any special privileges to host themselves as potential quarantine zones.  They will be treated like any other “non-essential” business and only allowed to take in customers from around the world when things get back to normal.

Any Hope In Sight?

It’s very difficult to say, I certainly wouldn’t encourage a level of foolish optimism unfortunately. These are very difficult times, I’d urge people to try and work on themselves and put any visits to Thailand way on the back-burner.

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This could go on for longer still, governments are trying to save local economies but there have been little victories in getting the world restarted.   It could go on for several more years if we’re unlucky or hopefully only several more months.



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