How to Travel to Thailand during COVID-19

Written 9th October 2020

Amid covid-19 restrictions the Thailand authorities placed a strict control on the flow of people into the country. The country has some of the best results for covid-19 restrictions on the planet – for reasons people can’t quite seem to explain at the moment.

For those living in Thailand it is exceptionally normal here. The restrictions are very mild. All that is requested of you is that you wear a mask indoors, unless eating and drinking. Also in addition to that you must check temperature at regular intervals such as entering into a premises .

Restrictions for Entering The Country.

The restrictions for entering into the country are much more difficult and demanding. Some airlines are offering to help people meet these requirements and it’s worth checking out with a tour operator. The authorities here have split people into different levels of importance of being able to enter it’s boarders. The first is citizens and those who need to return to the country for health reasons, then every other reason afterwards, family, marriage, business, education…etc.

A lot of the rehabs have closed down during Covid-19, some has dismissed all their staff and are unlikely to reopen any time soon.


As expected you have to have a quarantine upon arrival and you must also quarantine for 14 days through self-isolation before leaving your country. Once you enter into quarantine in Thailand for 14 days you cannot leave your hotel room. The quarantines are currently being held in Bangkok and the price is about $1000 for the 14 days (prices may vary). During this quarantine you are to be tested twice for Covid-19 to see if your results are positive or negative. If you do test positive you must be treated for symptoms and your quarantine time may be extended.

Track and Trace

Of course, as has been the theme since the outbreak, tracking all your movements is of the utmost importance so they can see where you have been and if by some chance their attempts to detect it have failed they can quickly see you’re a potential risk.


You will need insurance for COVID-19, this makes sure that you are covered medically specifically for covid. You should never travel to Thailand without medical insurance, even if you are due to come here for rehab, no rehab will cover your individual medical issues. Despite what you hear about Thailand being cheap, medical issues can be very expensive. I would never recommend visiting this part of the world without comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of your stay.

Open / not open

Technically the boarders are open to some but these are assessed on a case by case basis.

All the above information is subject to change and cannot be taken for factual up-to-date-information. For more up to date information about how to travel into Thailand please refer to Thailand’s official website of tourism:

Help now?

If you’re looking for support right away with addiction needs and can’t wait until things are more clearer for Thailand, please contact me via:

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