Online Support Group.

I’m going to be starting up an online group shortly that’s free to attend, via zoom. I really want to give something back as well as using my skills, but I’d like to give back directly to people with my own abilities.

At the beginning of this group we’re going to start with a welfare check in process and look at current goals and objectives..


Unlike AA groups or 12 Step meetings, this group will be therapeutically based. So that means it is a controlled environment for the safety of the group.

The group rules will unfold with the process. Everyone is a invited to share or listen. Group will be limited to 10 people for the first few runs of the group.


As I am a fully qualified therapist the group will adhere to strict private and confidential environment, if you are to break anyone’s confidentiality you are to be removed from the group.

My registrations are within the following: (see Dylan Kerr)

I have also have consulted the music industry in my line of work and been mentioned in multiple news articles:

Vice Magazine


The Independent


At the moment, the group time will be 7pm Bangkok time. Although this is subject to change.

feel free to email any questions

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