The Lack of Humanity

Over the years I’ve become suspicious and concerned over the lack of humanity being shown by large organisations, such as banks, universities, software companies, phone companies and internet search engine providers.

I’ve found myself more than several times stuck in a loop duking it out with banks because some app has just helped itself to some of my money that I didn’t consent to. It’s become the hallmark of modern times.

In the UK many charitable organisations have been reduced to effectively nothing, especially those who deal with addiction and mental health. Whilst the world is a buzz at the moment over the topic of mental health, governments seem to be hellbent on doing their absolute worse to damage it.

The era of “the customer is always right” is truly over. Most companies treat you like their own personal slush fund, to be tricked, manipulated, spied on and basically treated like a subject rather than a stakeholder – or customer.

We’ve got toys in children’s rooms now that spy on them:

It is the terrifying stuff of a dystopian nightmare science-fiction, big corporations muscle in taking over people’s lives and don’t seem to have any accountability. If you would have described this world to someone 20 years ago they’d struggle to be believe you.

Is this where the world is heading? An uncaring sadistic hostile takeover of humanity? Where are we heading with this? How are we able to stop it?

We’re all going to lose when abandon principles that took hundreds of thousands of year of evolution to generate.

Published by Dylan Kerr BA ACAT FDAP DipHE MBABCP

Mr Dylan Kerr Addictions Counselor Bachelors in Clinical Counseling (Hons) Advanced Certified Addictions Therapist Member of the British Association for Behaviour and Cognitive Psychotherapist Member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners HeDip Health-care HeDip Psychology of Addiction Dip Counselling Diploma in Arts Therapy Diploma in Transactional Analysis CSAT III Dylan Kerr is a Certified Substance Abuse Therapist who is qualified in Counseling, Psychology of addiction from Leeds University and Healthcare from Birmingham City University. Dylan Kerr has been a senior Therapist at the River Rehab, Lead Therapist at Lanna Rehab in Chiang Mai and Head Counselor of Hope Rehab in Siracha. As well as working in Thailand for 7 years, Dylan has also been the on-tour counsellor for the the Rock band ‘The Libertines’. Dylan is now resident counsellor at an Asian rehab. Dylan has experience of working within the music industry supporting acts in therapeutic needs. As well as working around the world Dylan has over 13 years experience delivering substance use disorder treatment at various agencies around the UK. He is skilled in motivational interviewing, CBT, RET and guidance around 12 step philosophies. Dylan has worked with a broad client base and establish the rapport needed to effect change and sustainable progression. Dylan wishes to start this blog to help educate people on his observations within this field and debate the nature of work in the addictions field.

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