Where to Find Free Therapy?

There are places you can find therapy for free, but they can come with their own host of issues.

Sometimes its hard to know what services to pay for too. The happy medium is a free consultation so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Thailand’s Leading Therapist on Crypto Mentioned on Bloomberg

As the only Therapist working in SE Asia with Crypto, it’s safe to say I am the leading therapist in treating crypto in this area. So far as I’ve been mentioned on Bloomberg, and was featured on their TV station crypto show: “It’s very similar to being at a roulette table,” says Dylan Kerr, anContinue reading “Thailand’s Leading Therapist on Crypto Mentioned on Bloomberg”

Is “Drug Science” morphing into a Drug Dealer?

Over the past few years the UK based organisation “Drug Science” has been developing two projects, one is its UK based drugs research organisation and the other is Project 21, which is it’s pro-cannabis campaign arm. For several years Project 21 has been providing details on the affects of medical cannabis and helping to educateContinue reading “Is “Drug Science” morphing into a Drug Dealer?”

Step 10 in Recovery

Step 10 refers to the tenth step first described in the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. This step was devised as a step to keep people in check once they are going through the process of recovery and stopped drinking and using. It’s often called “taking a personal inventory”. The inventory system is very similarContinue reading “Step 10 in Recovery”

Kemunduran Kamis – Terapi Kecanduan Dylan Kerr

Sudah berulang kali pentolan unit rock asal Inggris, The Libertines, Pete Doherty berurusan dengan polisi akibat ketergantungan narkotika, mulai dari masalah berkendara di jalanan, pencurian hingga perkelahian. Doherty sempat mengatakan narkotika telah mengacaukan kehidupanya serta berkata tak yakin dapat terbebas dari ketergantungannya tersebut. Sang ibu, Jacqueline bahkan pernah menerbitkan buku yang menyinggung masalah narkotika DohertyContinue reading “Kemunduran Kamis – Terapi Kecanduan Dylan Kerr”

Labelling is Still Dangerous

Despite people eager to label themselves or the culture around them, labelling is still potentiality dangerous for some people. Dr. David Burns highlighted this in his work on the “Feeling Good” handbook, he expanded on the work of Aaron T Beck in the 1970s to help people summarise painful thoughts that caused, anxiety, anguish andContinue reading “Labelling is Still Dangerous”


Alexithymia is a personality trait whereby a person is separated from their feelings. They may be more robotic-like, have difficulties in identifying feelings, difficulty in describing feelings or have a much more limited emotional range. I first discovered the term back in my counseling training days, I came across a concept that certain events, themesContinue reading “Alexithymia”

Crypto Addiction Story in German

For the Deutsch speaking readers of this blog, they can catch up with my story in their native language. Therapeut sieht kaum Nähe zu Spielsucht Nicht alle Fachkolleg:innen beurteilen das Thema so wie Marini. Der in Thailand lebende Suchttherapeut Dylan Kerr etwa meint, dass die Abhängigkeit von Kryptowährungen auf der einen Seite zwar vielleicht mitContinue reading “Crypto Addiction Story in German”