What’s Happening in Thailand Rehabs due to COVID-19

*** This was written on April 3rd 2020*** As it currently stands Rehabs in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand are being asked to close due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 across the face of the world. Services provided by those rehabs are to wind down over the month of April bringing them toContinue reading “What’s Happening in Thailand Rehabs due to COVID-19”

Adversity Vs Resources

The renowned trauma therapist and Vietnam War Veteran Glenn Schiraldi showed us through his years of work that onset of trauma is much higher when the adversity a person faces far out-weighs the resources they have (https://lindagraham-mft.net/the-resilience-workbook/ ). This is possibly why traumatic issues faced as a child seem to have a much longer lastingContinue reading “Adversity Vs Resources”

Moving on to Youtube

I have decided to take the leap on to YouTube. Whilst I’ll still be uploading some articles on to this blog section of my website I’m going to be making much more topics on Youtube. This is a great medium for explaining some topics, however it isn’t as good for interaction. I don’t know whatContinue reading “Moving on to Youtube”

The Age of Reactions

At the time of writing this I’m currently in quarantine in a rented property in Chiang Mai. I’m still currently working but I’ve been limiting myself to just my home, no gym, no restaurants and no social engagements outside of my workplace.  I’ve been keeping it pretty serious too, I work with a population ofContinue reading “The Age of Reactions”

Harm Reduction in The Time of COVID-19

Although the world is up in arms over Corona Virus (COVID-19), and probably rightly-so to some degree, it’s important to remember that yesterday’s problems are still here today. That’s why it is important to share information regarding how those who still have active addictive disorders can prevent further damage to themselves and potential risk ofContinue reading “Harm Reduction in The Time of COVID-19”

Shame, Guilt and Compulsive Lying

“No sympathy for The Devil, buy the ticket, take the ride.” –  Hunter S. Thompson It can be a very difficult aspect to face up to that you might be a compulsive liar, unfortunately it’s a component of addiction that is very real.  No matter if it’s through omission, white-lies, downplaying aspects of self, orContinue reading “Shame, Guilt and Compulsive Lying”