Cocaine Abuse, what’s the cost?

How long does it take to recover from the effects of cocaine abuse? I’m often asked by clients when does it get better?  Some people are troubled by the effect of their substance abuse and that they don’t feel as sharp as they used to be, or have difficulty in dealing with certain aspects ofContinue reading “Cocaine Abuse, what’s the cost?”

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a type of dissociative anesthetic that is commonly seen in operating rooms around the world.  It has served a useful purpose as a painkiller both in classical clinical settings and out in the field used for causalities of war and accidents.   As a common drug of abuse it is used to achieveContinue reading “What is ketamine?”

How Dangerous is taking Ecstasy?

On Tuesday 13th of March 2011, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy invited me to a meeting with Professor David Nutt. For those not in the know Professor David Nutt was the chair of Advisory Council for the Misuse of drugs under the Labour government. Prof David Nutt oversaw the classification of ketamine under theContinue reading “How Dangerous is taking Ecstasy?”

Heroin. A painkiller but a painful killer.

20 days after leaving Hope Rehab, Robb Skipper, the Lead singer of The Holloways, dies from an accidental Heroin overdose. He died after a one off relapse – injecting is so unforgiving when you get it wrong. At only 28 years old, Robb Skippers death is a timely reminder that no matter how long IContinue reading “Heroin. A painkiller but a painful killer.”

Corby, little Scotland, big problems.

For someone who started out work in refurbished warehouse adjacent to a tundra of dilapidated and partially demolished industrial wastelands of Dudley I’ve actually worked in some highly glamorous places in my career.  From my current job in top class rehab set in Thailand to traveling the globe as a personal counselor, the settings inContinue reading “Corby, little Scotland, big problems.”

Ten years of working in the field of Addiction

Shortly after graduating from Healthcare Studies at Birmingham City University I began to grow an interest in the field of addiction. At the time I had no experience of working in psychotherapy or addiction services.  In all honesty had little or no understanding of what a “drug and alcohol service”  provided. This was in earlyContinue reading “Ten years of working in the field of Addiction”