Labelling is Still Dangerous

Despite people eager to label themselves or the culture around them, labelling is still potentiality dangerous for some people. Dr. David Burns highlighted this in his work on the “Feeling Good” handbook, he expanded on the work of Aaron T Beck in the 1970s to help people summarise painful thoughts that caused, anxiety, anguish andContinue reading “Labelling is Still Dangerous”

Socialised Problems, Privatised Profits

A phenomenon which has fiercely picked up tremendous momentum is the new global social code of Socialised Problems and Privatised Profits (or socialized problems and privatised profits for those who prefer American spelling). In the UK it became more apparent during Prime Minster David Cameron’s push towards a “Big Society” in 2011 – what thisContinue reading “Socialised Problems, Privatised Profits”

The Lack of Humanity

Over the years I’ve become suspicious and concerned over the lack of humanity being shown by large organisations, such as banks, universities, software companies, phone companies and internet search engine providers. I’ve found myself more than several times stuck in a loop duking it out with banks because some app has just helped itself toContinue reading “The Lack of Humanity”

Is treatment abroad over?

Seeking help overseas for drug and alcohol treatment has been popular for the last 20 years +.  Various countries like South Africa and Thailand have managed to attract people from Europe, America and the Middle East since the early 2000’s. Thailand’s popularity for foreign treatment reached an all-time high early 2020, with over 20 rehabsContinue reading “Is treatment abroad over?”

The Dangers of Positive Thinking

An Opinion Piece by Dylan Kerr 15th August 2020 I must firstly state that I’m actually quite a private fan of positive thinking. I can attribute books on positive thinking and self-esteem to giving me a much needed boost when I was in the midst of severe depression. However, they aren’t for everyone and they Continue reading “The Dangers of Positive Thinking”

Thailand Boarders Still Closed Until Further Notice

The rumour and hearsay is that Thailand will be closed for visitors until at least the new year. The economically devastating virus COVID-19 that has moderate to severe flu-like symptoms has caused a massive upheaval and confusion in governments and health professionals across the world. Whilst the situation is actually much more positive here onContinue reading “Thailand Boarders Still Closed Until Further Notice”

Turning to Sedatives During COVID-19

7th August 2020 It’s not been very good news for those with substance use and alcohol use disorders.  Across the UK many people are increasing the amount they take or turning to different substances to ease their concerns about this crisis. There has been a surge in those using benzodiazepines and other similar drugs. SomeContinue reading “Turning to Sedatives During COVID-19”