Throwback Thursday

Here is an article on Pete Doherty where he discussed the connoisseur’s rehab where I was head counselor and his therapist: “You’d have to be pretty internally f***ed up to not find peace here eventually. It’s conducive to peace. It’s kind of the connoisseur’s rehab really. You find people come here when they knowContinue reading “Throwback Thursday”

Libertines – A Documentary

Here’s a clip of a time where I was in a documentary about the Libertines and how I was their on tour counselor: “Throughout, Dylan Kerr, Pete Doherty’s drug counselor, explains to the band the nature of addiction. People who’ve used as heavily as Pete, he tells them at one point, are usually dead byContinue reading “Libertines – A Documentary”

Various Press Appearances

These are just a few links to times I was mentioned in the world press: The frontman’s counsellor, Dylan Kerr, will accompany Doherty and co on tour to “Mexico and beyond” in November, according to The Sunday Telegraph. A press representative for The Libertines has additionally confirmed the news to NME. Read more at reading “Various Press Appearances”