How to manage cravings?

Craving Diaries Here is a worksheet I have created in order to help you moderate your own personal cravings and   Soon after you acted on your decision to put a stop to you addiction, it is likely that you experienced cravings for it again.  For many people these cravings are difficult to cope withContinue reading “How to manage cravings?”

What is addiction?

What is addiction? -Written By Dylan Kerr 2015-2017   Addiction has had many descriptions over a number of years: Learnt behavior Health behavior problem Substance use disorder Chemical dependency Disease Addiction is word that is fairly commonplace in everyday language, people often use the word addicted to describe things they are passionate about. You mayContinue reading “What is addiction?”

Who is an addict?

Smartphone Addiction: Are You Hooked & Does It Really Matter? In the future we will communicate only through our smartphones and Google Glass, using pulses in our brains to send messages. We’ll never need to speak again, as a like on Facebook or a retweet will form the basis of conversation and we’ll let friendsContinue reading “Who is an addict?”