An Interview with MYSELF

A curious little exercise I decided to embark upon. I interviewed myself, what lead me into counseling, what continues to be my driving force and what problems doe it create for myself and others…. I asked myself the following questions: 1. What are your main motives for counselling? 2. Do you ever feel curious whenContinue reading “An Interview with MYSELF”

Core-Beliefs in Addiction

Core Beliefs Below is a list of common negative core beliefs, tick the ones you can identify with.   Addict’s beliefs I can’t live without it — Getting high is my most important need I am weak — I must avoid pain at all costs I need it — It helps me — There’s somethingContinue reading “Core-Beliefs in Addiction”

An Addiction Exercise

“You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.” – Johnny Cash Here’s a bitContinue reading “An Addiction Exercise”

What Drugs and alcohol concern a private rehab?

A slide show demonstrating the types of drugs and medication we encounter on a daily basis. This slide was part of training used for spreading awareness to members of the facility not directly concerned with the treatment of addiction. Drugs training from Dylan Kerr ACAT FDAP MBABCP

Chiang Rai Times

Dylan Kerr, head counsellor at Hope, said Doherty had achieved his longest drug-free period since his teens while at the rehab centre in Sriracha – but warned that the months ahead will be challenging as he returns to the limelight. ‘We saw Pete grow over the course of his treatment at Hope, which was reflectedContinue reading “Chiang Rai Times”

Throwback Friday?

Change of pace a bit,  here’s a video of me explaining the ABC method of CBT (REBT) and how it’s used to help addicts understand themselves and their thought processes better. The video does have a little tongue in cheek humour, I would have thought it might have been removed in the edit, alas not.

Vice Magazine – China

Here’s a link to a time I was featured in Vice Magazine China: 作者: 萨姆·沃尔夫森(Sam Wolfson) 链接: ©️ 异视异色(北京)文化传播有限公司 版权所有,未经授权不得转载以及以任何形式使用,违者必究。 The Libertines 的故事总是围绕着毁灭与依赖展开——紧身夹克、Wordsworth 诗歌和浪漫到绝望的音乐之下,是令人触目惊心的海洛因毒瘾和街头犯罪。16岁的时候,我会神魂颠倒地在大街上追随着毒虫 Pete Doherty 的踪迹。和这支乐队的多数歌迷一样,我美化了他们的毒瘾所带来的黑暗。长大以后,我看到了他们为此付出的代价——牢狱之灾、憔悴的面容还有日渐稀少的音乐产出。   The Libertines 的故事总是围绕着毁灭与依赖展开——紧身夹克、Wordsworth 诗歌和浪漫到绝望的音乐之下,是令人触目惊心的海洛因毒瘾和街头犯罪。16岁的时候,我会神魂颠倒地在大街上追随着毒虫 Pete Doherty 的踪迹。和这支乐队的多数歌迷一样,我美化了他们的毒瘾所带来的黑暗。长大以后,我看到了他们为此付出的代价——牢狱之灾、憔悴的面容还有日渐稀少的音乐产出。 去年9月,Libertines 在 Alexandra Palace 上演了三场满座复出演出,随后 Pete 离开英国前往泰国的“希望康复中心(Hope Rehab Center)”戒毒。此前,他也曾几次前往那里,最有名的一次是在2004年由女演员 June Brown 非常诡异地赞助的泰国之旅,这位女演员最有名的角色是电影《东区人(Eastenders)》中的 Dot Cotton。 本周,康复中心的 Simon Mott 给 Noisey 发来一个文件夹,里面装有Continue reading “Vice Magazine – China”

Weekly Round-up of Addiction News

Here is a weekly round of addiction news: Harvey Weinstein claims “Sex Addiction” – Experts say it’s not a real issue for him: Former 9NEWS reporter opens up about her opiod addiction: ” Dana Knowles is a familiar face if you’ve watched 9NEWS for awhile. She was a reporter at the station tenContinue reading “Weekly Round-up of Addiction News”

How to manage cravings?

Craving Diaries Here is a worksheet I have created in order to help you moderate your own personal cravings and   Soon after you acted on your decision to put a stop to you addiction, it is likely that you experienced cravings for it again.  For many people these cravings are difficult to cope withContinue reading “How to manage cravings?”