Support Networks for People Overcoming Addiction

Addictions, like any other diseases or disorders have a unique set of stressors involved in overcoming them. They not only affect the person inflicted with addiction but also affect the family, friends and other social circles. Once addiction has progressed to a level whereby a person needs help they usually only receive a limited amountContinue reading “Support Networks for People Overcoming Addiction”

Kemunduran Kamis – Terapi Kecanduan Dylan Kerr (throwback Thursday in Indoneasian)

Sudah berulang kali pentolan unit rock asal Inggris, The Libertines, Pete Doherty berurusan dengan polisi akibat ketergantungan narkotika, mulai dari masalah berkendara di jalanan, pencurian hingga perkelahian. Doherty sempat mengatakan narkotika telah mengacaukan kehidupanya serta berkata tak yakin dapat terbebas dari ketergantungannya tersebut. Sang ibu, Jacqueline bahkan pernah menerbitkan buku yang menyinggung masalah narkotika DohertyContinue reading “Kemunduran Kamis – Terapi Kecanduan Dylan Kerr (throwback Thursday in Indoneasian)”

From hopelessness to hope in Thailand

Originally posted on Simon Mott – Addiction and Recovery:
By Simon Mott – Founder of Hope Rehab Center Thailand When I first started helping addicts in London, giving them clean needles, I had no idea where it would lead. Six months ago I founded my own treatment center in an amazing part of the world…

Drug reform in Asia?

“The Global Commission on Drug Policy was in Thailand last week to show support for reform of the country’s “war on drugs” laws. Privy Councillor Paiboon Koomchaya welcomed GCDP chairwoman, former Swiss president Ruth Dreifuss. If you weren’t aware that the commission chose Bangkok as the site to introduce its latest annual report, you aren’tContinue reading “Drug reform in Asia?”

David Charkham at ICAAD

A colleague of mine, David Charkham will be speaking at the International Conferences on Addiction and Associated Disorders (ICAAD) over the next few couple of days. “Since 1994 David has been presenting his Recovery Skills workshops both in the NHS and private practice. As a pioneer of Recovery Coaching to the entertainment industry he completedContinue reading “David Charkham at ICAAD”

German Throwback Thursday

Here is an article of myself being mentioned the Rollingstone Magazine in Germany. The Libertines: Pete Doherty nimmt Drogenberater mit auf Tour Damit Pete Doherty clean bleibt und den Versuchungen auf Tour widersteht, wird Drogenberater Dylan Kerr die Tournee der Libertines im November begleiten. Im November werden The Libertines auf Tournee gehen, um ihr neuesContinue reading “German Throwback Thursday”

Throwback Thursday

Here is an article on Pete Doherty where he discussed the connoisseur’s rehab where I was head counselor and his therapist: “You’d have to be pretty internally f***ed up to not find peace here eventually. It’s conducive to peace. It’s kind of the connoisseur’s rehab really. You find people come here when they knowContinue reading “Throwback Thursday”