Cat Marnell shares experience of HOPE

Hope rehab was one of the first rehabs I worked at in Thailand.  I was the head counselor there from 2014-2015, I left to join the Libertines on Tour in 2015. I do not comment of those I have worked with, but this is a pretty interesting account of what it’s like to find recoveryContinue reading “Cat Marnell shares experience of HOPE”

Heroin. A painkiller but a painful killer.

20 days after leaving Hope Rehab, Robb Skipper, the Lead singer of The Holloways, dies from an accidental Heroin overdose. He died after a one off relapse – injecting is so unforgiving when you get it wrong. At only 28 years old, Robb Skippers death is a timely reminder that no matter how long IContinue reading “Heroin. A painkiller but a painful killer.”

First time, 12 steps

I arrived in Thailand for the first time in 2014.  I had fantasized many a time of plans to visit Thailand for a Holiday since spending time in Malaysia with family, but such is life that it never happened. A few months prior to this move I was chatting with a former colleague of mineContinue reading “First time, 12 steps”

Addiction Therapy in Chiang Mai

I started a new job at The Dawn Rehab.   Sometimes on the internet I see criticisms of Thailand and the idea of having an addictions rehab in Thailand being absurd or not true to the nature of addictions’ therapy. I really couldn’t think of anything further from the truth. A rehab experience is notContinue reading “Addiction Therapy in Chiang Mai”