“Ben Affleck’s Relapse Is A Common Scenario For People With Alcoholism”

“Actor Ben Affleck recently announced that he had completed rehab for alcohol addiction for at least the second time — a scenario that is not uncommon among people who experience alcoholism.   In a Facebook post on Tuesday (March 14), Affleck said he had successfully completed a treatment program for alcohol addiction. The condition isContinue reading ““Ben Affleck’s Relapse Is A Common Scenario For People With Alcoholism””

The treatment that may no longer be there?

It’s a bitter pill to swallow but I urge serious caution to those with faith that a service they are trying to access because they’ve paid tax is still there or provided at all.

Throwback Thursday

Here is an article on Pete Doherty where he discussed the connoisseur’s rehab where I was head counselor and his therapist: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/watch-pete-doherty-explains-the-connoisseurs-rehab-regime-that-finally-got-him-clean-9876307.html “You’d have to be pretty internally f***ed up to not find peace here eventually. It’s conducive to peace. It’s kind of the connoisseur’s rehab really. You find people come here when they knowContinue reading “Throwback Thursday”

“Why I bought my Daughter Heroin”

What would you do if your child was a heroin addict suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms – disintegrating in front of your eyes – while waiting for rehab treatment to start? One mother from a village in the south-west of England describes how she ended up driving her daughter to town, and paying for herContinue reading ““Why I bought my Daughter Heroin””

The quite month

It may be really quite on my blog at the moment, but it’s certainly not been quite in my life.  Work has been busy, challenging but ultimately rewarding.  I feel a great sense of achievement when I’m busy.  I feel in my element. Personal life has been very busy also. I recently have discovered theContinue reading “The quite month”

Libertines – A Documentary

Here’s a clip of a time where I was in a documentary about the Libertines and how I was their on tour counselor: “Throughout, Dylan Kerr, Pete Doherty’s drug counselor, explains to the band the nature of addiction. People who’ve used as heavily as Pete, he tells them at one point, are usually dead byContinue reading “Libertines – A Documentary”

Alan Mullally shares his experience of life and rehab in Thailand.

Former England cricketer and once fastest bowler in the world shares his experiences of Thailand rehabs in this video: Home  

NICE guidelines to recognition of depression in adults

For those following my blog I thought it would be NICE (pun intended)  to share these National Institute for health and Care Excellence guidelines from 2009 in recognition and management of adults with depression: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg90/resources/depression-in-adults-recognition-and-management-975742636741