Rumination ruins lives

Thinking things over too much might be causing you mental health troubles. One characteristic of many of the people I have worked with over the years is that they have an uncanny ability to ruminate over their problems for a great deal of time.   Often I relate to clients that problems and worry often comeContinue reading “Rumination ruins lives”

Addiction – Not a disease?

  The word addiction can mean many things for many people. Are people unable to choose wisely because they lack impulse control? Are they always driven to extremes through a brain disease that effects ability to choose? Has it been an over-exposure or indulgence in substances that has changed the brain to become drink andContinue reading “Addiction – Not a disease?”

Post Acute withdrawal syndrome?

Symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome – P.A.W.S. What is PAWS? The long-term effects or withdrawal symptoms that occur after initial withdrawal symptoms.  The severity depends on two factors.  Firstly the amount and degree of brain dysfunction or disruption that has been caused by the length of use, and type of chemicals used, and anyContinue reading “Post Acute withdrawal syndrome?”

Various Press Appearances

These are just a few links to times I was mentioned in the world press: The frontman’s counsellor, Dylan Kerr, will accompany Doherty and co on tour to “Mexico and beyond” in November, according to The Sunday Telegraph. A press representative for The Libertines has additionally confirmed the news to NME. Read more at reading “Various Press Appearances”

Could a brain implant cure addiction?

A neurosurgeon in New Zealand is pioneering a new technique that promises to rid craving for alcohol and drugs  – And bizarrely enough allows you to drink again? The idea behind the device is that some people with addiction issues maybe experiencing “Hypofrontality’ which in a nut-shell is linked to impulse control.  So when someoneContinue reading “Could a brain implant cure addiction?”

“Sock-Puppet” Effect In Treatment

There is a level of resistance in addiction which I’ve found one of the most challenging as it’s often one of the hardest forms of denial I’ve encountered. It is a form of resistance that is akin to a “sock-puppet“. So what is a sock-puppet and why does it occur? Quite simply a sock-puppet isContinue reading ““Sock-Puppet” Effect In Treatment”