Thailand Boarders Still Closed Until Further Notice

The rumour and hearsay is that Thailand will be closed for visitors until at least the new year. The economically devastating virus COVID-19 that has moderate to severe flu-like symptoms has caused a massive upheaval and confusion in governments and health professionals across the world. Whilst the situation is actually much more positive here onContinue reading “Thailand Boarders Still Closed Until Further Notice”

Turning to Sedatives During COVID-19

7th August 2020 It’s not been very good news for those with substance use and alcohol use disorders.  Across the UK many people are increasing the amount they take or turning to different substances to ease their concerns about this crisis. There has been a surge in those using benzodiazepines and other similar drugs. SomeContinue reading “Turning to Sedatives During COVID-19”

The Death of Terrence Gorski.

  I recently became aware that Terrence Gorski of CENAPS USA had passed away earlier this month (2nd of July I am told).   For those who have worked in the field of addiction therapy his name is as instantly recognizable as the likes of Beck and Ellis. There are probably no addiction therapists whoContinue reading “The Death of Terrence Gorski.”

Adversity Vs Resources

The renowned trauma therapist and Vietnam War Veteran Glenn Schiraldi showed us through his years of work that onset of trauma is much higher when the adversity a person faces far out-weighs the resources they have ( ). This is possibly why traumatic issues faced as a child seem to have a much longer lastingContinue reading “Adversity Vs Resources”

Shame, Guilt and Compulsive Lying

“No sympathy for The Devil, buy the ticket, take the ride.” –  Hunter S. Thompson It can be a very difficult aspect to face up to that you might be a compulsive liar, unfortunately it’s a component of addiction that is very real.  No matter if it’s through omission, white-lies, downplaying aspects of self, orContinue reading “Shame, Guilt and Compulsive Lying”

Why Substance Use Disorder and Not Addict?

Should we all start using the words Substance Use Disorder to describe addiction?
Find out why the word is changing and being replaced by those working in the field of addictive disorders and why some people might want to hold on titles/tags of Addict or Alcoholic.