What 12 Step groups are there?

The 12 steps is the most widespread recovery movement in the world. There is almost a 12 step fellowship based around every disorder. Here are links to some of them: 12 Step Fellowships “Top 10” List Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous Cocaine Anonymous Overeaters Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous Dual Recovery Anonymous  Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Al-Anon/AlateenContinue reading “What 12 Step groups are there?”

Withdrawals – Alcohol

What to expect from withdrawing from Alcohol? WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS Many people who come to Rehab experience withdrawal symptoms as they come off drugs or alcohol. Below is a general list of some of the symptoms you may experience during your withdrawal and rehabilitation. Alcohol For a person who has abused alcohol or is alcohol dependent,Continue reading “Withdrawals – Alcohol”

Is it Possible to Get Methadone In Thailand?

I’m often asked by people is it possible to get methadone in Thailand? Methadone in Thailand has been decreasing in it’s popularity to use as an opioid replacement drug. There are several outlets for methadone in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. My advice for anyone traveling to Thailand who is currently using a level ofContinue reading “Is it Possible to Get Methadone In Thailand?”

The 10 Ways of Untwisting Our Distorted Thinking

The 10 Ways of Untwisting Our Distorted Thinking Some of our ways of thinking are so solid that that they are very hard to change, even if we experience evidence to contradict our belief systems.   In order to make changes to core-belief systems that are perhaps harmful to ourselves we sometimes need to put thatContinue reading “The 10 Ways of Untwisting Our Distorted Thinking”

Free Relapse Prevention Book

Here is a copy of a free Relapse Prevention Book for your usage. The book can be used for the following issues: -Depression (of any nature) -Addictive behaviours -Bio-Polar Disorder (any type) -Chronic fatigue -Anger -Personality Disorder -Trauma reactions -Hyper-vigilance -Anxiety (including panic attacks) -Weight management -Eating disorder   Please click this link for yourContinue reading “Free Relapse Prevention Book”

Listing on Global Psychiatry Experts

https://biography.omicsonline.org/thailand/the-dawn-addiction-rehab-and-wellness-centre/dylan-kerr-100093 “Biography He is working in The Dawn Addiction Rehab and Wellness as a Certified Substance Abuse Therapist. He holds a Master Degree in Psychology of Addiction from University of Leeds in the year of 2011. He is a recipient of many awards and grants for his valuable contributions and discoveries in major area ofContinue reading “Listing on Global Psychiatry Experts”

Vice Magazine – Germany

My vice article but the German Edition: Wie sich ein ehemaliger thailändischer Heroin-Hotspot zum Luxus-Entzugszentrum entwickelt hat Früher wurde in Chiang Mai so viel Opium produziert wie sonst nirgendwo auf der Welt, heute reiht sich dort eine teure Drogenklinik an die nächste. Wie kam es dazu? Ähnliches Video Twittern Foto: bereitgestellt von The Dawn DasContinue reading “Vice Magazine – Germany”