CPD certs

These are links to my CPD certifications.

They are just here so I can store them online. This page isn’t intended for the public viewing so it isn’t formatted in any order.

Trauma and Crisis Assignment Case Study Dylan Kerr

Smoking Cessation Case Study – Dylan Kerr

SMMPG Depot injection Certificate


The Telephone Telemedicine in Clinical Medicine An Instrument of Opportunity Risk – Dylan Kerr

Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus – Dylan Kerr

Coronavirus in the US Facts Fictions and Practical Tips – Dylan Kerr

CPD Certificate in Cannabis Use for Migraine

Naloxone Saves Lives_Course Certification

Insight Module 6 – Relapse Prevention

Insight Module 5 – Motivational Interviewing

Insight Module 4 – AOD Clinical Assessment

Insight Module 3 – Micro-counselling Skills

Insight Module 2 – Understanding Psychoactive Drugs

Insight Module 1 – Big Picture


Harvard Medical School Unit 1 on addiction

Harvard Medical School Unit 2 on Addiction

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 3: Recognize the Importance of DSM-5 Definition of Substance Use Disorde

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 4: The Neuroscience of Addiction

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 5: Physical Dependence vs. Opioid Use Disorder

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 6: Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders: Prevalence, Screening, and Diagnosis

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 7: Reducing Negative Consequences: From Philosophy to Practice

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 8: Substance Use Disorder, Stigma, and Bias: Why We Should Care and What We Should Do

Harvard Medical School – Understanding Addiction

Alcohol Use Disorders_Course Certification

British Columbia Centre on Substance Use Addictions Medicine Diploma

Dylan Kerr Addiction Medicine Diploma


Dylan Kerr FDAP Registration











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