CPD certs

These are links to my CPD certifications.

They are just here so I can store them online.

SMMPG Depot injection Certificate


The Telephone Telemedicine in Clinical Medicine An Instrument of Opportunity Risk – Dylan Kerr

Coping with the Stress of Coronavirus – Dylan Kerr

Coronavirus in the US Facts Fictions and Practical Tips – Dylan Kerr

CPD Certificate in Cannabis Use for Migraine

Naloxone Saves Lives_Course Certification

Insight Module 6 – Relapse Prevention

Insight Module 5 – Motivational Interviewing

Insight Module 4 – AOD Clinical Assessment

Insight Module 3 – Micro-counselling Skills

Insight Module 2 – Understanding Psychoactive Drugs

Insight Module 1 – Big Picture


Harvard Medical School Unit 1 on addiction

Harvard Medical School Unit 2 on Addiction

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 3: Recognize the Importance of DSM-5 Definition of Substance Use Disorde

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 4: The Neuroscience of Addiction

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 5: Physical Dependence vs. Opioid Use Disorder

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 6: Co-occurring Psychiatric Disorders: Prevalence, Screening, and Diagnosis

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 7: Reducing Negative Consequences: From Philosophy to Practice

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Unit 8: Substance Use Disorder, Stigma, and Bias: Why We Should Care and What We Should Do

Harvard Medical School – Understanding Addiction

Alcohol Use Disorders_Course Certification

British Columbia Centre on Substance Use Addictions Medicine Diploma

Dylan Kerr Addiction Medicine Diploma


Dylan Kerr FDAP Registration




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