SMART just as effective as AA

A new study has found that other groups such as SMART work just as well as AA in terms of addressing addiction. This is probably very common knowledge if you’ve ever struggled with a form of addiction and had a disliking for AA. Although AA and other 12 step programs have been adopted by aContinue reading “SMART just as effective as AA”

Is AA a cult?

AA as a Cult Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that aims to guide individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction through their path to sobriety. The program has been around since the 1940′s and is one of the most well known treatment programs for alcoholism. The key element of the program is theContinue reading “Is AA a cult?”

First time, 12 steps

I arrived in Thailand for the first time in 2014.  I had fantasized many a time of plans to visit Thailand for a Holiday since spending time in Malaysia with family, but such is life that it never happened. A few months prior to this move I was chatting with a former colleague of mineContinue reading “First time, 12 steps”