Sharing Traits with a Disorder

In the general population of mental health, a lot of clients who share with their practitioner or doctor that they are using a substance may face discharge from their doctor or counsellor.  One of the reasons is that it’s very hard to get a bead on what the problem is when you add substance useContinue reading “Sharing Traits with a Disorder”

Is Homer Simpson an Alcoholic?

Although a subject often touched upon in the Simpsons is Homer really an alcoholic?         The episode “Duffless” (Duff being the choice beer of Homer Simpson) touches upon Homer’s quest to remain free from alcohol for 30 days. It was originally aired in 1993 as the sixteenth episode of forth season (whichContinue reading “Is Homer Simpson an Alcoholic?”

Death by Disulfiram (Antabuse)

When I was younger I loved watching the TV program “The Bill”.  Famed for it’s gritty realism of the time, the focus on the show was on a “real police events”, which meant some episodes were on domestic abuse, shoplifting and some focused on more exciting crimes such as daring armed robberies. The show’s peakContinue reading “Death by Disulfiram (Antabuse)”

“Ben Affleck’s Relapse Is A Common Scenario For People With Alcoholism”

“Actor Ben Affleck recently announced that he had completed rehab for alcohol addiction for at least the second time — a scenario that is not uncommon among people who experience alcoholism.   In a Facebook post on Tuesday (March 14), Affleck said he had successfully completed a treatment program for alcohol addiction. The condition isContinue reading ““Ben Affleck’s Relapse Is A Common Scenario For People With Alcoholism””

Corby, little Scotland, big problems.

For someone who started out work in refurbished warehouse adjacent to a tundra of dilapidated and partially demolished industrial wastelands of Dudley I’ve actually worked in some highly glamorous places in my career.  From my current job in top class rehab set in Thailand to traveling the globe as a personal counselor, the settings inContinue reading “Corby, little Scotland, big problems.”