Detoxing from Cannabis

What happens when you detox from Cannabis? Although considered by many as a harmless, non-addictive drug there is some evidence for the contrary. When compare to heroin, cocaine or alcohol, cannabis definitely does not seem harmful, however, from the perspective of someone trying to kick the habit, there are definite and obvious withdrawal symptoms thatContinue reading “Detoxing from Cannabis”

Spice addiction on the increase   An epidemic of Spice drug use in Manchester is putting pressure on public services, according to police. The force said there were 58 Spice-related incidents in the city centre over the weekend, resulting in eight arrests. The substance, also known as synthetic cannabis, was banned a year ago, along with any drugs classedContinue reading “Spice addiction on the increase”

Synthetic cannabis kills in prison

“A prisoner has died after a suspected drug overdose at Forest Bank prison in Greater Manchester. The inmate is believed to have taken the potent synthetic drug spice before becoming ill at the category B prison in Pendlebury, Salford. He died in jail on Sunday morning. Another prisoner was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary onContinue reading “Synthetic cannabis kills in prison”

The “Dabbing” trend.

Most recently I came across the term “dabbing” in reference to drug usage online,  I made the assumption that dabbing referred to dipping your finger into drugs and rubbing it into your gums. However I began to notice that “dabbing” was not in reference to powered drugs but to to “Butane hash oil”  and thisContinue reading “The “Dabbing” trend.”