UK most depressing place on earth?

There are several reasons why UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) people suffer from depression, a great deal of the land mass is bombarded by miserable chilling weather, substance abuse and drinking levels are soaring. Before you pack your bags and leave in search of better shores to find a happier lifestyle, the UKContinue reading “UK most depressing place on earth?”

The drugs DON’T work.

For decades, Ivor Browne has been one of the best-known psychiatrists in the country. Lauded by his admirers like a mystical guru, he has been credited with breaking down the walls of our mental hospitals, and freeing many patients from incarceration. As a sprightly octogenarian who meditates twice a day and lives in a houseContinue reading “The drugs DON’T work.”

The treatment that may no longer be there?

It’s a bitter pill to swallow but I urge serious caution to those with faith that a service they are trying to access because they’ve paid tax is still there or provided at all.

Alan Mullally shares his experience of life and rehab in Thailand.

Former England cricketer and once fastest bowler in the world shares his experiences of Thailand rehabs in this video: Home  

NICE guidelines to recognition of depression in adults

For those following my blog I thought it would be NICE (pun intended)  to share these National Institute for health and Care Excellence guidelines from 2009 in recognition and management of adults with depression: