6th September 2019 Brett James Thornton – Founder How to Treat Addiction The two words are frequently interchanged, often incorrectly. Both are formed as a result of consistently repeating a particular behaviour. There is such a thing as a good habit, regular exercise for example. Something can start out as a habit and over timeContinue reading “WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HABIT AND AN ADDICTION?”

Australia’s Gambling Problem Explosion

“Gambling losses in Australia are at a record high after punters frittered away almost A$24bn (£14bn; $18bn) in a year, according to data compiled by the Queensland state government this month. More than half was lost on poker or slot machines at pubs and clubs. “Gambling in Australia is the equivalent of guns in America,”Continue reading “Australia’s Gambling Problem Explosion”

Labour plan gambling levy to fund addiction treatment

“Labour has said it would force bookmakers to pay a compulsory levy to help treat problem gamblers. Deputy leader Tom Watson said the cash would be used for treatment to end the “destructive cycle of addiction”. Speaking at the party conference in Brighton, he urged gambling firms to “stop targeting vulnerable people and start actingContinue reading “Labour plan gambling levy to fund addiction treatment”