Is Psychedelic Research going down the wrong route?

Psychedelic research has had favourable results documented for over 100 years in medicine, even Bill W (the founder of AA) was spirited away in the 1930’s from his drinking by a drug made from deadly-nightshade, called the Belladonna cure. The Belladonna cure had been in use since 1909 and helped hundreds of people in theContinue reading “Is Psychedelic Research going down the wrong route?”

How LSD works on the Brain and Vision

This is probably the most comphrensive starting point to understanding how LSD works on your brain and why visual distortions occur when you ingest it. Please click to enlarge the text: Originally featured in Tripzine magazine  

LSD makes the brain “child-like”

“A major breakthrough came this April when David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmacologist at Imperial College London, published a paper proving the neural imaging of LSD’s effects could help researchers pinpoint specific alteration to brain behavior and potentially further explore the neurobiology of consciousness.” I met David Nutt in 2009 at an SSDP meeting in LeedsContinue reading “LSD makes the brain “child-like””