Weekly Round-up of Addiction News

Here is a weekly round of addiction news: Harvey Weinstein claims “Sex Addiction” – Experts say it’s not a real issue for him: http://www.newsweek.com/harvey-weinstein-isnt-sex-addict-because-sex-addiction-isnt-real-experts-say-682853 Former 9NEWS reporter opens up about her opiod addiction: http://www.9news.com/news/local/next/former-9news-reporter-opens-up-about-her-opioid-addiction-and-the-recovery-process/482931191 ” Dana Knowles is a familiar face if you’ve watched 9NEWS for awhile. She was a reporter at the station tenContinue reading “Weekly Round-up of Addiction News”

“Why I bought my Daughter Heroin”

What would you do if your child was a heroin addict suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms – disintegrating in front of your eyes – while waiting for rehab treatment to start? One mother from a village in the south-west of England describes how she ended up driving her daughter to town, and paying for herContinue reading ““Why I bought my Daughter Heroin””