Another Vice Magazine Feature

I no longer work for the Dawn, please check out this exciting new approach to treatment of addiction in Thailand:   “It was the gateway to one of the world’s largest opium trading routes, the place you came if you needed a hit: Chiang Mai, northern Thailand’s largest city. Back in the 1950s, commercialContinue reading “Another Vice Magazine Feature”

Co-Dependency – Do you have it?

Do I have co-dependency ? Signs and symptoms of co-dependency Have you ever felt that  you are “ living through or for another person”? What does this means and  what kind of things you do when they place all your focus on someone else. Have you ever experienced the follow? Overly pre-occupied with another person’sContinue reading “Co-Dependency – Do you have it?”

Barking up the wrong tree for treatment?

Are calls to make heroin treatment available on the NHS barking up the wrong tree for the solution? In principle I think it’s a great idea, however the reality of the NHS is getting worse by the day.  The NHS fails thousand of drug addicts and mentally ill people each week. So much so thatContinue reading “Barking up the wrong tree for treatment?”

German Throwback Thursday

Here is an article of myself being mentioned the Rollingstone Magazine in Germany. The Libertines: Pete Doherty nimmt Drogenberater mit auf Tour Damit Pete Doherty clean bleibt und den Versuchungen auf Tour widersteht, wird Drogenberater Dylan Kerr die Tournee der Libertines im November begleiten. Im November werden The Libertines auf Tournee gehen, um ihr neuesContinue reading “German Throwback Thursday”

The treatment that may no longer be there?

It’s a bitter pill to swallow but I urge serious caution to those with faith that a service they are trying to access because they’ve paid tax is still there or provided at all.