UK most depressing place on earth?

There are several reasons why UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) people suffer from depression, a great deal of the land mass is bombarded by miserable chilling weather, substance abuse and drinking levels are soaring. Before you pack your bags and leave in search of better shores to find a happier lifestyle, the UKContinue reading “UK most depressing place on earth?”

Labour plan gambling levy to fund addiction treatment

“Labour has said it would force bookmakers to pay a compulsory levy to help treat problem gamblers. Deputy leader Tom Watson said the cash would be used for treatment to end the “destructive cycle of addiction”. Speaking at the party conference in Brighton, he urged gambling firms to “stop targeting vulnerable people and start actingContinue reading “Labour plan gambling levy to fund addiction treatment”

Lifeline Project UK Closes Forever.

The project lifeline, which has helped thousands of lives over the years since 1971, has had to close it’s doors and the future is uncertain for over 1,300 staff members. Like all drug and alcohol agencies in the UK, financial pressures by government changes have made the existence of such charities a very difficult taskContinue reading “Lifeline Project UK Closes Forever.”

E-cigarettes less harmful

Professor David Nutt says let’s get an understanding that E-cigarettes are indeed less harmful than smoking real cigarettes: “I believe that e-cigarettes have huge potential to save lives by providing an alternative to smoking. Yet this can only be realised if we address negative harm perceptions and communicate honestly with the public. Ongoing research canContinue reading “E-cigarettes less harmful”