Addiction Therapy in Chiang Mai

dylan kerr addict therapy thailand
Sun setting over the hills in Chiang Mai

I started a new job at The Dawn Rehab.   Sometimes on the internet I see criticisms of Thailand and the idea of having an addictions rehab in Thailand being absurd or not true to the nature of addictions’ therapy.

I really couldn’t think of anything further from the truth. A rehab experience is not only a good idea but it could be a decision that could save your life and give you an experience of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.

In this blog I’m going to be sharing about my experiences in helping people life the veil from their anesthetic and show them a world full of auditory, visual and sensual experiences of Thailand, that a life on drugs never gave them.

Addiction is characterised by despair.

Despair over self, others, family, future, past, character, shame or whatever else.  There is usually a strong element of despair and with this despair there is usually a huge sense of irritability in attempting to overcome the despair.

An addict attempting to address his or her problem will encounter some degree of irritability, this ranges from feeling very strung out to a feeling of sheer terror at what they will encounter through a withdrawal process.

Heroin is an anesthetic, a rather good one too, it works perfectly well with the brain’s own opioid receptors and pleasure pathways. Unfortunately it works so well that a person who becomes dependent to heroin may suffer form permanent changes to the brain, such as low pain thresholds and low reward from pleasurable activities.    Surprisingly alcohol, our legal drug, works in a very similar way,however the effects are not as profound.

Heroin depresses the central nervous system, it deadens the emotions, it deadens the senses, it narrows the pupils  and makes life seems much more dull and flat.  As mentioned above, other drugs have this effect. Benzodiazepines, alcohol and other painkillers achieve a similar affect.

Once someone begins to detox from their drug of choice, life begins to come back. The veil they once wore over their eyes is slowly lifted and they’re able to experience life again.

In Thailand I’ve found with most of my clients that this effect is much more profound. They are lifted from that dark place and then in turn are given a real life-boosting experience. It’s not just merely a return to “normal life” but an awakening to the extra-ordinary.

Many of my clients who’ve been successful in their recovery find Thailand to be enchanting. They are awoken by the many sights, smells, sounds and tastes that Thailand has to offer. Previous clients return to rejuvenate themselves with that experience and add to the change they have made in their lives.

To see that process of people from the depths of disenchantment to being wowed at the simple wonders of a different world from home is a tremendous event to be a part of. It turns from what can be a very dry clinical experience into an invigorating  life changing episode.

I too share this opinion and it’s why I have made Thailand my home.


  1. Was working there 6 years ago I am returning to develop more sense enhanced therapies such as Elephant Therapy which I first developed, also other new Visual Therapies which enhance and enrich sense awareness.Also in Chiang Mai, but not with any recent new rehabs there.


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