How AI Can Affect Counselling Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is when machines or software can do things that usually need human intelligence, like thinking, learning, making decisions, and talking. AI can be useful and helpful in many areas, such as health care, education, business, and entertainment. But AI can also cause some problems and ethical issues, especially for counselling services. CounsellingContinue reading “How AI Can Affect Counselling Services”

Where to Find Free Therapy?

There are places you can find therapy for free, but they can come with their own host of issues.

Sometimes its hard to know what services to pay for too. The happy medium is a free consultation so you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Alexithymia is a personality trait whereby a person is separated from their feelings. They may be more robotic-like, have difficulties in identifying feelings, difficulty in describing feelings or have a much more limited emotional range. I first discovered the term back in my counseling training days, I came across a concept that certain events, themesContinue reading “Alexithymia”

Different Types of Therapists

If you’re relatively new to therapy it can be a little confusing as to who a therapist is, or what kind of therapist you need. Some forms of therapy are miles apart in their outcomes and what they can offer in terms of therapy. Before delving into this topic it’s worth noting that some ofContinue reading “Different Types of Therapists”

The Worst Drugs

As a therapist who has worked prominently with drug and alcohol addiction I’m often asked to give my opinion on what I think the worst drugs are or what is the worst addiction. Of course we can’t have this discussion if we don’t at least acknowledge the controversial report that got Professor David Nutt inContinue reading “The Worst Drugs”

Online Support Group.

I’m going to be starting up an online group shortly that’s free to attend, via zoom. I really want to give something back as well as using my skills, but I’d like to give back directly to people with my own abilities. At the beginning of this group we’re going to start with a welfareContinue reading “Online Support Group.”

The Dangers of Positive Thinking

An Opinion Piece by Dylan Kerr 15th August 2020 I must firstly state that I’m actually quite a private fan of positive thinking. I can attribute books on positive thinking and self-esteem to giving me a much needed boost when I was in the midst of severe depression. However, they aren’t for everyone and they Continue reading “The Dangers of Positive Thinking”