Working Through COVID-19

I was recently contacted by my former University to award me a honor by being added to their honors list for those who graduated in the field of Healthcare, Psychology and Counselling. It is for those who are continuing to work throughout this crisis.

I was very pleased by the award and it was very touching to receive some gratitude from my university for my dedication to my work.

I’m pleased that other services are getting recognised during this crisis, I have not been in complete isolation whilst at work and I have been working closely with those suffering from the effects of the anxiety felt over this virus. It’s important not to turn tail and head for the hills if you still have a duty of care, in this role you inherit a lot of responsibility for showing a level of emotional concreteness. It’s not about painting a smiley face on the situation, there is some grim acceptance of the magnitude of this problem, but we can and will find a way through it.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worse.

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